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Record Breakers

The First, the Fastest and the Famous

London Croydon Airport became the global focus for record breaking flights. There was a desire to go further and faster than anyone had gone before. Here are just a few of the record breakers that flew at London Croydon Airport: 

1926, March 13th
Alan Cobham’s return flight to Cape Town in 15 days which earned him his knighthood. Cobham later innovated air to air refuelling.

1927, May 29th
Charles Lindbergh arrives in the Spirit of St. Louis after completing his trans-Atlantic flight. Mobbed by a 100,000 strong crowd- the largest crowd to assemble at an airport until The Beatles arrive at Heathrow in 1963.

1928, 7th February
Bert Hinkler departs for Darwin, Australia and sets a record solo flight time of 15 ½ days.

1928, 17th May
Lady Heath arrives at London Croydon Airport after a record-breaking solo flight from Pretoria, South Africa. Lady Heath was the first woman to hold a Commercial Pilots Licence.

1929, July 10th
Charles Kingsford-Smith arrives from Australia in Southern Cross in a record-breaking 12 days, 14 hours and 18 minutes

1930, 5th May
Amy Johnson departs for Darwin, Australia and becomes the fastest woman to Australia arriving 19.5 days later. Amy would go on to set many other aviation records during the 1930’s and became one of the most famous celebrities on the planet. Her de Havilland Gypsy Moth aeroplane, “Jason”, resides in the Science Museum, London.

Here are some of the Record Breakers that we have information about

Amy Johnson

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